Roadbook App Update

After many months of silence finally an update on the progress of the roadbook app. Progress has been very slow in the past. It is very hard to find time to work on it. The development has not stalled however. The development efforts have increased somewhat during the last few months. The API (backend) for the app has been improved/expanded steadily and is slowly reaching completion.

Completed functions of the roadbook system at this time:

  • Select/create an account
  • Create your own roadbook
  • Share your own roadbook
  • Download a roadbook from someone else
  • Use a roadbook
  • Update a shared roadbook
  • Update a downloaded roadbook

What next?

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Progress is slow… but still happening.

The App for Android is progressing slowly. Development has not completely stopped, but due to other obligations (call it ‘life’), the time to continue developing the system has become less and less.

The development has shifted focus from the App itself (which is about 90% done) to the back-end services needed to be able to create, edit and distribute roadbooks.

It’s hard to estimate when a beta-version will become available, so the only thing left is to have patience.

As slow as possible and as fast as necessary…

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TripComputer for Android – Update

The recent silence on this website does not represent the activities behind the scenes. A lot of work has been done to develop the TripComputer App for Android devices. One of the reasons for this is the addition of (tulip) roadbook creation, editing, sharing and displaying functions into the app.

The addition of these new function might mean a new name will be given to the app, however that is undecided yet. It could very well be another few months before a beta-version of the app is available. Perhaps there will even be an update on the progress before that.

Take a look at the screenshots, they show an early prototype of the apps functions for editing and displaying a roadbook. Please remind yourself that you are looking at a very (VERY!) early version. There will be lots of changes before a final version can be released, and that version will probably not look anything like what is shown here.

Android version of TripComputer

Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it will not develop Windows for smartphones any further. It is becoming more and more difficult to buy a new phone with the Microsoft operating system and support for it is fading.

TripComputer was originally developed for the Microsoft platform, but developing and supporting it, is becoming difficult and time-consuming. This has lead to the decision to stop offering TripComputer for Windows (phone).

TripComputer Pro was used extensively for our own travels and we have been searching for an alternative on the Android platform. So far we have not found an app that satisfies our needs and therefore work has started to build a version of TripComputer for Android!

As our time to build a new app on this new (for us) platform is limited, don’t expect the Android version to be ready before Christmas. 😉 Our aim is to have a publicly available version of TripComputer ready before Q3 of 2019.

Materials – Storage system

The vehicle we use is pretty much done. It suits our style of travel almost perfectly. We can travel, stay put, sleep, eat, have fun and nearly everything else we can imagine. In this ‘Materials’-series of posts you will find a detailed description of all the stuff we used to build our vehicle, starting with the storage system. Read more

Documenting vehicle electrical modifications

When building an overland vehicle it is inevitable to work on the electrical side of it. Adding 12V ports, lights and accessories almost always requires adding custom wiring, relays and fuses. Our vehicle is off course no exception to that rule. Our new cubby box is the center of the vehicles auxiliary circuit and any additions to our vehicle source their power right from the fuse block inside the lower part of the cubby box. Read more

TripComputer App release

TripComputer Free and Pro have been released to the Microsoft App Store. You can try them out by going to the Store. By buying TripComputer Pro you are supporting Spark Overland to continue developing these (and other) apps. If you have any questions about TripComputer, please Contact us or leave a comment below.

TripComputer Free

TripComputer Pro

Get it from Microsoft Get it from Microsoft

TripComputer App coming soon

When following a road book while traveling, you need to be able to track the distance since the last road book item and the total distance. You can do this with the odometer of a car, but in practice, this is a really cumbersome method. Spark Overland has created an app for this: TripComputer!

TripComputer will be available soon, as it is currently undergoing the certification process of the app store. TripComputer will be available on Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile first, with iOS and Android to follow in the future. TripComputer comes in two versions: Free and Pro. The Free version has the basic functions for following a road book, the Pro version has many improvements and functions that make your life following a road book even more easy!

Please have a look at TripComputer and see if it might be of use for you. You are welcome to give feedback on the app.